Monday, 31 December 2012

12 Months Deep.. 2012..

Late in 2011 i thought id have a crack at documenting all the Windsurfing and Surf that me and the rest of the Southwest Wales crew were getting done. A year in and 15 or so posts latter and im pretty happy with where its at. So cheers for taking the time to look through it.

The original plan was to keep track of sessions but i lost count by May.. So as a rough guess id say its up around 130 days sailing and 120 or so surfing. From those days i thought id choose some that have stuck in my mind as some form of end of year round up.

1. Mid Wales Reefs.. November..

This place went mental mid November. As good as wavesailing gets. Its a fickle beast but the 1 in 20 ratio i seem to get at this spot gets paid off ten fold when it works. As the crowd thinned out and the tide pulled back the waves got longer and longer till exhaustion was the only limiting factor.

2. Freshwater West.. All year...

I moved to the village next to this beach for one reason. The surf has been good all year but 3 days in October were probably the high light. This day and the days either side served up the best 3 days surf ive ever had. Light offshore 7 foot at 18 seconds and wall to wall sun.. It was the end to an incredible run of conditions.

Have that..

3. British Wave Tour.. 

The standard on the British Tour is crazy these days. Half the fleet are World Cup regulars so 12th overall for the first year in the Pro division is more than i was expecting. Wales, Ireland and Cornwall all offered up something different but the Ireland leg was a standout. 6 days from 6 in the water either surfing or on the windsurf. Love the place.

Alf getting the overall in Ams 2012.

Proffit flying high.

Ireland Surf.

Thanks to Stenna for the trip and tour around the ship.
4. Surfers Ear Op.. June..

Ive suffered with bad ears for the last 12 years. It got to a point where deafness was starting to be an issue so i finally got them drilled out before my wife killed me. 

5. Aquatic Allies.

A huge thanks to Jim and Tanya at Puravida Boardriders, Simmer, No Limitz Masts, K4 fins and Patagonia.

Stenna also deserve a huge pat on the back for supporting the Tour and for hooking me Alf and Captain Cox up.. Thanks..

A good year.. 

Ive got something a little different planned for the blog in 2013 so should be an interesting one i hope.

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